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YEC projects in 2014-2015

Russian-German project “ECOvision”

for young people from St. Petersburg and Hamburg (September – December 2014)

The project is jointly implemented by Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre (ITC), the Senate of Hamburg, Urban Development and Environment Committee of Hamburg and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg.

Project participants  students of St.Petersburg educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) aged 13-20.

Attention! Registration of new participants 2014 is finished.

Registered participants are working according to the following plan: 

  • September – workshops for the project participants held by animation and environmental education experts;
  • October – independent work:  videofilms making;
  • November – submission of videos to the organizing committee of ECOvision festival (YEC, 56 Shpalernaya St. tel.: 438-43-96);
  • December – videofilms festival “ECOvision”, awarding of the project participants and winners in the festival categories.

Project objective:

  • Involve Russian and German young people in discussion of issues related to the protection of the environment and sustainable development;
  • Develop creative potential of young people through cinematic activities, create their own view of the environmental problems and ways of their solution. 

Project idea: under the project, young people from St. Petersburg and Hamburg will discuss pressing environmental challenges. Special attention will be paid to water consumption and sustainable development issues.

The participants were asked to make a videofilm and present it at the ECOvision festival. In this way, through cinematography, the young can express their vision of environmental problems and solutions, draw the attention of wide audience to different aspects of environmental problems and disseminate sustainable development ideas.

Project headquarters: Youth Environmental Centre at SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" Address: 56, Shpalernaya st., phone: +7 (812) 438-43-96, email: dec@vodokanal.spb.ru


“Search for mysteries”

eco-education tour for pupils of grades 1-7

Plan of mysteries searching tour: 

-  three exhibition halls of Water Museum;

- Youth Environmental Centre;

- independent researches.

Fields of discoveries:

- Water is specific substance

- Water: yesterday, today and tomorrow 

- Water for big city 

- Water consumption

In the course of the project, the participants will be able to attend interactive lessons of YEC, get acquainted with the renewed exhibits of “The Universe of Water”, take part in the competition of chemical experiments, get certificates and awards as the environmental project participants.   

To participate in the project, a schoolteacher shall submit an application by the phone +7 (812)  438-43-96.


“Water +”

project for pupils of grades 6-10, dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014

The project is implemented by the Youth Environmental Centre and Vodokanal’s museum complex “The Universe of Water”.   

You can register for participation in the project here. 

Project idea:

Water is an essential resource for human life, and the demand for it is growing year by year. Water accessibility and quality is a major problem in the modern world. More contribution, such as technical and engineering solutions, intellectual and financial resources, is required to make ordinary natural water accessible and safe to drink. All of this can be denoted with the “+” sign. The project aims to familiarize school students with various aspects of water use and help them find out what the plus sign implies.

In the course of the project, the participants are able to:

  • attend the interactive program “Water: yesterday, today and tomorrow” at the museum complex “The Universe of Water” to learn how the city is supplied with water: about water sources, treatment technologies and municipal water distribution systems;
  • attend an interactive lesson “Coastal City” at the Youth Environmental Centre to learn how the city impacts the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea;
  • participate in  the game “Water and Cities” and apply obtained knowledge and experience to game situations.  
  • get certificates and awards as environmental project participants.

“Education of the young at the International Advanced Water Technologies Centre

joint project with LADEC (Lahti)

Participants – pupils of grades 7-10.

This project presupposes participation in the Baltic Cruise Program. Besides, the participants will get a design assignment (information will be posted later on Vodokanal website, section “Youth Environmental Centre”).

You can register for participation in the project here. The registration will start on 10 January, 2015.


YEC projects completed

Environmental awareness-raising project “Water Olympiad”

for St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region pupils of grades 1-6 and the nurseries’ pre-school groups, dedicated to the Environment Year 2013 and the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 

Project objective: Involve preschoolers, junior and senior school students in educative and practical studies of local environment and the Gulf of Finland; motivate them to save water and reduce the burden on the environment.

Teams from educational institutions attended the learning session “Learning from nature” at Youth Environmental Centre, got acquainted with the project’s lead character, Water Measurer. Together with Water Measurer they performed activities of the following types: Learn! Study! Poetize! Do!  Those helped the participants learn about the life in the water body where the Water Measurer lives, about the way animals adopt to the environment. The children developed the rules of eco-friendly conduct at home and outside, learned how to estimate the quantity of water consumed by them and presented their methods of water saving.  Besides, the participants investigated the water quality of the neighboring water body. 

While investigating local environment, the participants learned about the specific features of water inhabitants, collected interesting information about them, made drawings. The delievered materials were used in publishing a post-card set and study-guide “Water Olympiad”.  The materials are available here.



Russian-British project “Green is great: freshening up ideas for water use”

Green is great!

The project was implemented together with Regional public organization "St.Petersburg international cooperation association” and  British Consulate-General St Petersburg.

30 schools with profound studying of English and English-speaking students of St.Petersburg universities took part in the project. After a short training course, upper-form pupils and students developed and presented their own ideas for solving current water consumption problems. 



“The Baltic Regatta”

Project for primary school. Under the project, the teams build a crew and set off on an imaginary journey together with virtual characters: Vodokanal’s Droplet, Shipboy and Muddy. The crews follow the instructions of Shipboy and Droplet and pass from the Lake Ladoga down the Neva to the Baltic Sea. The regatta participants visit the Youth Environmental Centre where they learn how they can, together with Vodokanal staff, help the Baltic Sea dwellers cope with Muddy and block its way into the Baltic Sea.  



“In the footsteps of Little Prince”


The project was aimed to bring together the worlds of adults and children and to create a platform for dialog between the generations. The project was implemented in 2009-2010 and resulted in a book of fairytales written by children from St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.




Russian-German project for young people in St. Petersburg and Hamburg “Next generation!”

april-november 2012

The project was implemented in partnership with the Hamburg Municipality, the Union of Professional and Amateur Film-Makers in St. Petersburg and Hamburg and the Russian-German Environmental Information Bureau.

Senior students from 25 schools in St. Petersburg participated in the project. They attended master-classes on cinematography and environmental workrooms at Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre.

In November 2012, the festival of videofilms made by the Next Generation Project participants was held in St. Petersburg.

The festival winners were chosen by the audience:

  • Video film “Man changes the world”, Lyceum 623, Vyborgskiy District
  • Video film “It depends on each of us!”, Gymnasium 631, Primorskiy District
  • Video film “The Earth is the only one”, School 391, Krasnoselskiy District.

The best works were displayed at international festivals and competitions.

The Festival’s top works and the prize winners’ works can be viewed here.

“Water dialogues at school and at home”

The project was implemented in partnership with the Vsevolozhsky District Education Committee for the purpose of developing and testing the environmental awareness-raising project organization model based on interaction with district education authorities. The project participants were primary and secondary schools in the Leningrad Region Vsevolozhsky District.

The project objective was to improve the schoolchildren’s understanding of environmental challenges and solutions in the sphere of water consumption and preservation of water resources and to develop their practical skills in water saving at home and at school.




“Big city environment”

Joint project of Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre and Water Resources College.


We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

If you want to participate in the activities of Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre, please, arrange for the date and time of your visit with a YEC specialist by phone 438-43-96.